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QMatch 2.0 - Digital Platform for your Channels

In the era of self-service when you get all solutions in the ATM, the end user gets the benefit. Unlike a simple cash dispensing unit, Q Match enables financial service providers to offer transactions convenience beyond cash withdrawal. The bank can opt for numerous use cases like CNIC expiry update, address change, Dormancy Removal, and Basic Account Opening to name a few and migrate the customers towards ATMs, Recyclers, Cash and cheque deposit machines.

Cheque encashment anytime!
With Q Match, you will be connected to the video teller who enhances the consumer journey with live help and cheque authentication for involved parties. The customer can have their cheque encashed at the time of their convenience. This feature makes regular banking a notch above the rest as users get convenience at various times of the day and not just a typical 9-5 cycle.

TMS - Transaction Management System

As the world is shrinking need for interminable platforms has increased. Users want constant updates and real-time troubleshooting to ensure seamless services.
TMS is the platform that TouchPoint offers to users for optimizing services and consumer journeys for the end consumer.

TMS reigns over
• Electronic Journal retrieval for all details on the TMS server.
• Camera imagery for the transaction.
• Machine tracking and log control.
• The cash management dashboard gives a clear picture.
• Software access for multiple data and transactions.
• Real-time reports on software and hardware are timely pushed to the client for analysis.
• End-to-end data protection for users and service providers.

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Vynamic View

Our users, banks, and financial institutions need 24/7 access to data for easy self-service solutions. The need for self-service lies at the heart of the technology of Vynamic View.

This software service provided via TouchPoint gives access to the complete network of machines owned by the financial institution. What this tool does
• The user gets a dashboard to view all installed ATM statuses in one spot.
• 24/7 monitoring feature as availability factor is managed and issues are resolved.
• Reduced cost for ownership with a one-click view.
• Seamless software deployment for new features with a central system, which means one server can hold, alter, and update all ATMs - A software manager that can do work nonstop.
• Vynamic View gives electronic logs and data history for transactions to close customer discrepancies and complaints. This feature removes the need for manual intervention while adding automated efficiency.
• Users get access to their inventory count for software and hardware to ensure best practices for logistics and evaluating product lifecycles for inventory management.
• Better inventory management increases users' efficiency in their network.
• BIOS Manager is an effective feature that makes the self-service units more secure.

Vynamic Security

The self-service industry of banks is thriving as more people want customized solutions. However, this brings the hazard of a security breach. The solution to this threat is Vynamic Security, which has been vetted after multiple checks and solutions.

This tool gives end-to-end innovative solutions to money flow.
• The users have access to the allocated Rapid Response Teams to thwart and minimize losses.
• Rapid Response Teams are vigilant and available 24/7 for user aid.
• The latest news and best practices to create security cushions for all user fleets are shared and implemented with informative sessions.
• Vynamic brings a suite of PCI-compliant hardware and software solutions for users to set up and use for optimized security practices.
• The systems and teams are trained and updated with best practices implementation to foil security threats and fraud attacks.

The software is updated with multiple tiers to minimize and deflect cyber threats.

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When the world is digital why rely on conventional mode of reconciliation? reconStream is the easy solution that brings precision on the go - for all transactions. Multiple players from various industries be it telecom, retail, financial sector, or telecom can use the tool effortlessly.

It is an agile and real-time depicting platform for the best data processing and analytics for the users.

Timestream is an answer to your business and transactions because:
• You get an annual subscription for unlimited transactions
• 99% data security and integrity
• Owners of varied systems get the same reconciliation results with full
• automation at all locations.
• High volume of data managed with Apache Kafka data pipeline and cloud services
• Transaction reconciliation from source to destination
• Average costs decline while data reconciliation is swift and accessible 24/7
• Reduces redundancy with one-stop reconciliation for all kinds of data