Managed Services

Banks as a business have multiple tasks at hand. For such organizations outsourcing certain services, reduces cost and increases efficiency as a third party takes the onus of work.
ATM fleet demands repair, uptime, and compliance - these tasks when managed internally add to the resulting delay as multiple players come into play.

Incident Management - Managing complete ATM alerts, cash situations, or transaction abnormalities for the banks
Cash replenishment - Managing real-time cash dashboard and replenishing as the need arises for optimized use of cash according to ATM needs individually.
Transaction Monitoring - A complete transcript of transactions to analyze anomalies, success ratios, or certain banking insights to get better results.
Electronic Journal Management - Centralized access and log retention for authorized users from the bank to study, dissect, and question the service provider for various questions and user activities.
Remote Services Management - A complete solution to give remote services for software updates, installations, and statuses. Creating a snapshot of all tasks managed remotely for the bank.
Incident Management - Easy access to produce multiple reports for machine outages and availability.

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Saaf ATM

Withdrawing or depositing money is a routine task, but the devil is in the details when each bank is vying to make a lasting impression on its users. As a true stakeholder in contributing to our client bank's reverence, TouchPoint offers its Saaf ATM service.

A consumer's journey for depositing and withdrawing cash ends at an ATM vestibule. Our team of Saaf ATM initiative offers the service of disinfecting and cleaning the ATM vestibule.

Cleaning ATM vestibule
TouchPoint is a partner for their banks to make ATM areas clean. This includes:
• Managing cleanliness inside and outside the vestibule
• Repairing lack of light or air conditioning
• Cleaning up walls and removing unwanted advertisements
• Adding new brochures of the client bank (if provided)

TouchPoint provides this service in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Faisalabad.