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DN Series 100D

Efficient & Personalized

Self-service is at the core of this cash-dispensing technology. The consumer-centric approach to giving swift service makes this device a constant choice for the best access to easy cash dispensing and transactions.

DN Series 150D

Optimized presence for all solutions

Self-service banking with layered security gives peace to the user while withdrawing cash. DN 150 installed through the wall with an Advanced Function Dispenser, gives healthy clean notes out of the machine!

Users demand swift and quality transactions, and the right software ensures this while the layered Vynamic features in this one make it less prone to threats.

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DN Series 200H

Transform your banking operation & digitize your customer journey

There is a gap in the market where users have always wanted to
• Deposit cash outside working hours of the bank
• Drop off cheques at their time of convenience

But most users end up visiting the branch to make their deposits! However, with Cadepo cash & cheque deposit is automated and convenient! Cadepo is a self-service terminal that helps in banking transactions. It enables a user to get banking services beyond 9-5.

DN Series 250

Evolved performance extended to all

The smallest footprint and maximized results are what banks want. This cash recycler efficiently uses cash to dispense and accept deposits making self-service common and accessible for all users. Deposit bank operations when offered via this machine reduce the pain points of end users, thus enhancing consumer journey and satisfaction at all times.

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