Invincible 16 years of TouchPoint

They say slow and steady wins the race, but the saying is defunct now. The time is now to rise, grow, and see beyond.

This core value of moving and making the way forward is a birth trait of TouchPoint. 16 years ago, when the market was different, totally complacent, and moved slowly Badr ul Islam started TouchPoint.

He knew that a company takes five years to give back revenue and his health was not great. But did he stop no?

He carried on and passed on the baton and legacy to people who knew that growth comes beyond their comfort zone!

What is Sitaroun Say Aagey

Man has been a curious creature forever. It was curiosity that got the best and worst of humanity out.

It is that innate curiosity that has propelled people to newer heights. This itch to find bigger and better is what we have at TouchPoint. Our mantra is to find more innovative and agile solutions to make the user and creator journey seamless and swift.

TouchPoint is a non-sticky organization ( the people welcome change backed with an explanation). Here change is fluid and people work towards positive changes and make easy transitions possible.

Tabish Sabah, the CEO has been an advocate of change. The same mentality has trickled down the teams. Now, across Pakistan, TouchPoint employees are conditioned to embrace change, look for better options, and find convenience in all solutions.

This thought was funneled to create a fun annual day for the new and old family members of TouchPoint with the theme of sitaroun say aagey!

So how much change is needed to go sitaroun say Aagey, and why is 2024 the year to go beyond the stars?

2023-2024 The Year To Uncover New Horizons

The world has changed immensely post-covid. Work resources, online solutions, and technology have shown an unprecedented change in demand. However, is Pakistan meeting the demands for innovation, is the user ready to embrace change, or are we as solution providers aware of consumer psychology?

These were some inevitable economic crises faced by the country in the past year, yet TouchPoint was able to hire and retain human resources instead of downsizing. Yes, the management looked at the bigger picture.

Things got better, the company forayed into international sales, and new accords were signed. The year that was said to be unluckiest of all also could not stand the force of TouchPoint. So what happened to make things favorable despite the odds?

The Grit To Never Give Up

This spirit is what TouchPoint celebrated this year, they found the spirit of the employees matches that of an astronaut who is going beyond the known stars!

Be it the fact that Tabish completed a decade at TouchPoint with incessant support from his family. Or fresh business graduates inducted into the organization. The vibe of the company is to keep marching on and finding new avenues to flourish.

Veqar ul Islam in his speech underscored one fact and that was the implementation of systems. Why are the first-world countries on a pedestal because they follow systems?

The same cumbersome systems are made for people's convenience to run organizations and businesses seamlessly.

Tabish in his speech, gave an inspiring example of Iguana's survival in the snake pit. The video was a bone-chilling reminder that no matter how bad things are, you can attempt to survive and play your best if you are fast to act. Something to think about, take back home and remember well.

However, the best was the fact that after such an awe-inspiring speech the orator Tabish Sabah got the surprise of having his tenth anniversary with TouchPoint getting celebrated!

This was just not it. The event was layered and planned by our trainers who had multiple activities for team building and personality grooming for all employees. The annual awards were given out to employees all across Pakistan.

Many had flown from Lahore and Islamabad to attend the event and meet their counterparts in Karachi.

By the end of the event, the spirits were high the moods were festive and the spirits were all set to mark their next moves beyond the ordinary.