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m-View is a centralized multivendor application which has an enhanced mechanism to trace the transaction footprint. The real-time and centralized electronic journaling and picture, enable the FIs to trace the transaction faster and apply a multiple search criteria over more than 2,000 terminals.
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Q Match – A Bio metric authentication solution

Biometric authentication over ATM plays an important role in securing the transaction. TouchPoint has pioneered in implementing NDC based Biometric solution. It is the only biometric solution that works without discontinuing the actual flow of ATM transaction.
TouchPoint has developed multiple use cases for banks like Account Verification Service over ATM, Dormant Account Activation, Card Less withdrawal and other use cases.
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Saaf ATM

Our multi-vendor ATM Cleaning Solution disinfects the entire machine’s exterior, including the monitor, keyboard, function keys, surround, fascia, bezel etc. It cleans the ATM’s area within 10 to 15 feet of radius and removes trash from receptacles. We also inform of vandalism and any suspicious activity in the ATM surroundings.

We use BioProtect System of GLP tested, US EPA registered and FDA accepted technologies that provide disinfection and long-term antimicrobial surface protection that kills and inhibits the growth of problematic bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, preventing biofilm proliferation on all applied surfaces. BioProtect system is a patented, revolutionary antimicrobial that creates a microscopic shield on porous and non porous surfaces to destroy bacteria on contact for up to 45 days after cleaning, even for surfaces that post treatment are immersed in water. For regularly used interfaces like ATMs.”

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The Cloud based application allows the issues to be centrally monitored and can be assigned to the skilled team who are capable to solve a particular issue in the ATM Vestibule.
Furthermore, our Saaf ATM Solution can be connected to Remote Monitoring Solution for ATM Vestibule
TouchPoint through its partner, developed a remote monitoring solution with the help of IoT based sensors. These sensors cover the following areas:

  • ATM security including ATM tilt and movement with alarm.
  • Monitoring of Power supply including UPS, and also share real time status of batteries.
  • Environment of ATM vestibule including room temperature, available lighting etc. Control Air conditioning automatically.
  • With the help of this solution, the bank can monitor and manage an ATM vestibule centrally and configure alerts.
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Video Teller Machine

Video Teller Machine or VTM is a growing concept. TouchPoint has been able to convert the standard ATMs into VTMs. A VTM acts as a tool whereby a Video Contact is established from an ATM to the remote teller and the agent can take over the activities of the customer on the ATM to perform customer tasks. For example, the remote teller can dispense cash on behalf of the customer. This provides an in-person experience to the customer.
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TouchPoint philosophy is to work closely with customers to implement customized use cases over self-service banking. Our services team not only works locally but also regionally in providing support to our partners and customers. These complex use cases allow the bank to launch the service faster with very minimum customization at the controller level. Some examples of the use cases are as follows:

Forex Transaction of Self-Service Terminals

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A bank in Africa, wanted to act as a money changer by offering currency exchange service over their CCDM and Recyclers. TouchPoint developed an entire end to end transaction which has now allowed the tourist to convert their currency into local one on a 24 X 7 basis.

Bill Payment through bar code

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Another bank in Africa desired to enable the bill payment through bar code over CCDM/Recyclers. Touchpoint developed an application bypassing the traditional switching controller, whereby non-bank customer could pay utility and other bills without visit the branch. This has enabled the bank to collect bills on a 24 X 7 basis.
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