562l - Through-the-wall

Weather-resistive cash dispenser offers multiple options for exterior applications.

  1. Dual rated safe provides higher level security with both CEN L and UL291 compliance
  2. Heavy duty AFD competent for high volume application
  3. Contact less card reader makes utility card top-up convenient
  4. Camera provision for cash presenter
  5. New anti-skimming card reader bezel and pin pad shield protect consumer information from compromise

Robust construction
The Opteva® 562L is built to deliver in diverse climates with a sturdy weather-resistive design, sunlight viewable option and consumer task lighting.

Countless options
One of Diebold’s most scalable cash dispensers, choose from Opteva® 562L’s countless options, including a bar code reader, journal printer, security camera and touch-screen technology.

Ultimate reliability
Opteva® technology delivers one of the highest levels of uptime in the industry. That means consistent convenience for consumers and peace of mind for you.

Security options
The enhanced security features integrate the latest in fraud-prevention technology to reduce your exposure while offering consumers an enhanced sense of security.

Powerful visuals Attract consumer’s attention with Opteva® 562L, powered by high-performance Intel® processors that fuel attention-getting graphics on an easily viewable 15.1-inch color consumer display.

Multi-channel software Agilis® software, Diebold’s high-performance platform, performs in a cross-vendor environment and connects to web applications, back-office systems and other consumer channels to maximize your brand, personalize transactions and deploy new functionality quickly.