562r - Through-the-wall, Walk-up Cash Dispenser

Available in Europe, Middle East, and Africa only.

Highly reliable and fully serviceable, this ATM fits exactly into the space that others leave behind.

Seamless installation
With a wall opening of only 610mm width and 518mm height, the Opteva 562r is an ideal replacement for older NCR or other manufacturers ATMs. For new locations where banks are severely restricted due to heritage building protection or where disability compliance would be otherwise difficult to achieve, the 562r delivers a flexible solution.

Form and function
Not only does it make installation easier but it fits in perfectly with your self-service delivery channel as a highly reliable cash dispenser and a multi-function ATM. Configurable with both receipt and A4 statement printer, a full 57 keys alphanumeric keyboard option and a bar code reader, it offers new advanced functionality whilst being fully scalable to meet your changing needs, the Opteva 562r is spot on, today and tomorrow.

Engaging, too
A positive, even delightful experience at the ATM can be quite the challenge. Not so with the Opteva 562r and all the other members of the Opteva family. Personalize transactions, deploy new functionality on the fly, connect to web applications and truly engage your audience with the power of Agilis®, Diebold’s high-performance software solutions platform.

Fully secured
The enhanced security features integrate the latest in fraud-prevention technology to reduce your exposure while offering your customers an enhanced sense of security.

Peace of Mind is Priceless
For the highest level of reliability and continuous accessibility from your ATM channel, put your trust in a proven leader. Diebold technology operates easily, profitably and securely, so your channel runs as efficiently as possible. Our self-service solutions provide maximum durability for high return on your investment. Diebold Opteva® hardware and Agilis® software platforms were designed with an eye toward the future by ensuring upgradeability and delivering tomorrow’s self-service terminals today.
Enjoy the peace of mind only Diebold technology delivers. From ease of installation, to the latest in security features and maximum availability, Diebold offers reliable solutions that boost profitability. Choose dependability. Choose Diebold.