LM 300 Safe Deposit Boxes and Lockers

LM 300 Safe Deposit Boxes

The LM 300 Safe Deposit Box is assembled from stock interlocking modular components to meet your project's requirements. This provides installation efficiencies and a greater potential return on investment for financial institutions.

Numbering System
A unique numbering system, introduced by Diebold years ago, is a standard feature of the Stock LM system. The flexible numbering system uses a satin chrome number frame with brass tone number insert. The flexibility of number changing accommodates arrangement of modular sections in virtually any size vault as well as rearrangement of sections - even movement of sections between branches.

Keys and Locks
Security and convenience are enhanced by Diebold's 17570 series double changeable locks with computerized key security and Security-Guard lock mounting designed to prevent surreptitious switching of locks. Or, utilize Diebold's 17590 series single nose keylock used with self-service safe deposit vaults.
Locks are U.L. listed and include 7 tumblers per nose with brass finish on noses to match hinges. Each nose is independently changeable. A specially designed tool is provided with each Stock LM 300 installation to prevent under-tightening or over-torquing of the mechanism to ensure quick and correct changing. Both the 17570 guard key and the customer key must be available to remove the lock from the door. Only when the lock is in the unlocked position are all the attaching screws accessible, permitting removal of the lock. Changing keys is done on-site in a matter of minutes and does not require a service call. Using the special tool, the lock action is re-set to fit a new key, thereby making the box available immediately for re-rental.

Bond Boxes
Durable lightweight bond boxes are made of polypropylene. They are lightweight, yet offer rigidity, heat and impact resistance and durability. They are less susceptible to denting and have contoured corners that won't cut fingers or scratch countertops. The bond box latch requires positive pressure to release, minimizing the possibility that the lid will open accidentally. Diebold offers bond boxes with 2'' x 5'' (5.08cm x 12.7cm), 3''x 5'' (7.62cm x 12.7cm), 5'' x 5'' (12.7cm x 12.7cm), 3'' x 10'' (7.62cm x 25.4cm), 5'' x 10'' (12.7cm x 25.4cm), 7'' x 10'' (17.78cm x 25.4cm), and 10'' x 10'' (25.4cm x 25.4cm) openings. Each section contains the same size opening.

Installation and Maintenance
Stock 300 LM design accommodates installation by your personnel if desired. Pre-engineering of the stacking, interlocking sections reduces on-site time required to position the sections and apply the trim. Sections have built-in interlocking clips at rear to maintain alignment, guide pins at the front to prevent shifting, and screws in vertical side members to attach adjoining sections.
Welded sections are fabricated of zinc-coated steel and the plated front frame of anodized aluminum material to ensure rust resistance. Hinges are brass finish. Safe deposit doors are finished in stainless steel. There are no targets for rust and no need to wipe the doors repeatedly with oily cloths to maintain their original appearance.

Modular Sections
1. The LM 300 Safe Deposit System’s modular construction make it compatible with any vault height.
2. Several standard height/width section sizes are available.
3. Most sections are 22 1/4'' ( 56.5 cm) high and 24'' (60.9 cm) deep.
4. Single width sections are 11 1/16'' (11.06 cm) wide.
5. Triple width sections are 32 1/2'' (82.55 cm) wide.
6. Filler sections are 6 5/8'' (16.82 cm) wide.
7. Half-height section is 11-1/8' (28.25cm) wide.

Download the LM 300 Safe Deposit Boxes brochure in PDF format.

Security Lockers
Diebold Unitized and Teller Lockers are built to withstand rugged, day-to-day use and to last the life of the installation. They are designed to securely store a variety of items such as currency, cash trays, coin, bank checks, drafts and loan collateral documents. To give you maximum flexibility, the lockers are built using standard proportions, allowing you the freedom to combine units to build a wall system in a vault or compartmentalize the interior of a chest, whichever meets your operational needs.
Diebold Security Lockers feature Group 2 combination locks with keylocking dials. Delayed action combination locks, timelocks and multiple lock variations can be provided to enhance security operations. Optional alarm devices, such as silent signal combination locks and door contacts can also be installed to tie-in with a central or branch alarm system.