720 - Advanced-function, Island Drive-up ATM

Enjoy advanced security 24/7 at a feature-rich island drive-up ATM

Multi-channel software
Agilis®, Diebold’s high-performance solutions platform, performs in a cross-vendor environment and connects to Web applications, back-office systems and other customer channels to maximize your brand, personalize transactions and deploy new functionality quickly.

Advanced security
Rest easier with Opteva® 750’s advanced security features, which integrate dual-action live bolts to secure the AFD and envelope depository, and an interior steel stabilizer for reinforcement against brute force attacks.

Outstanding automation
An Intelligent Depository Module® accepts stacks of up to 30 envelope-free checks while an integrated dispenser offers a single entry point for presenting and receiving envelopes. Want more? Offer 100-note bundle deposit for immediate authentication and credit.

Robust design
High-impact bumpers protect fascia from vehicle mirrors while the painted, UV protected exterior prohibits rust and fading. Inside, double insulation protects against extreme temperatures.

Ultimate reliability
Opteva technology delivers one of the highest levels of uptime in the industry. That means consistent convenience for customers and peace of mind for you.

Captivating display
Showcase your institution’s products and services via Opteva 750’s attention-getting LCD consumer display with optional sunlight viewable and privacy filters.