About TouchPoint

TouchPoint (Pvt) Limited is a leading ATM Hardware and Management Service Provider. The company started its operation in Pakistan in 2007 by signing an agreement with one of the world’s leading ATM suppliers; Diebold Inc. USA and since then it has been growing and excelling at a faster pace by the tireless efforts of highly professional and dedicated team.

TouchPoint (Pvt) Limited is providing Diebold’s products that best match with the needs and requirements of the customers. It has been successful in winning customers’ trust and confidence by focusing on strong relationship building and offering one stop solution. The company has drastically expanded its foot prints in Pakistan’s Banking Sector and now delivering services to various banks with branches across the country.

Our Vision

“To Provide Transaction Convenience through the use of touch points”

We aim to provide Transaction Convenience to our customers which are hassle free, safe and secure.

Our Mission

“To be on top of customer’s mind when it comes to ATMs and IT Services”

Our mission is to cater to maximum target market and acquire greater share of minds and voice.

Our Principles

  1. We value our Customers & People who are the biggest assets of the organization
  2. We offer products and services that best suit the requirements of customers
  3. We believe in strong relationship building with our customers and partners

Our Key Characteristics

1. Personalization
For us, every customer is unique, special and exclusive in their own way. Strongly believing that ‘The customers do not buy your product, they buy you’, we seek to treat our customers with that ‘personal touch’ they rightly deserve.

2. Appropriateness
Touchpoint aims to adhere to the principle of Appropriateness. We identify the unique situations of our customers and recommend appropriate solutions to their specific needs.
Customers know and trust that their needs are well comprehended, cared for and attended to.

3. Connectedness
We treat our customers as our partners. We continuously strive to ensure that there is no communication gap through accessibility to them as and when they need.

4. Going Green
The recent focus on global warming has sparked a renewed interest in the environment and has brought a great deal of interest to the IT industry. Being a partner of Diebold, Touchpoint commits itself to supporting and offering environmentally friendly solutions.

5. Protection
While the automation of financial transactions has enabled the end users to manage their finances 24/7, it has also spawned a whole new realm of illicit activity. We at Touchpoint offer and strengthen a sense of personal security for our clients’ customers by providing cutting edge, end-to-end security solution.

6. Innovation
Diebold celebrates 150 years of innovation! Being a proud part of this team, we too revolve our activities around and structure ourselves to suit, support and match innovation. The introduction of Core2Duo ATMs for the very first time in Pakistan is a commendable step in that direction.

7. Convenience
Touchpoint is primarily a customer-centric company. Our products, services and motto are all testimony to the importance we place on convenience for all: our customers, consumers and employees.

8. Efficiency
We at Touchpoint are passionate about our customers. We devote ourselves to maintain the highest standards of quality and efficiency in our solutions and products for our customers’ success.

9. Integrity
Integrity measures between actions and principle. It holds vital importance as an organizational culture at Touchpoint. Over a period of time, we have developed a solid foundation of trust that has resulted in a healthy, consistent, honest and open environment.

10. Simplicity
At Touchpoint, it’s all about making life simpler. We provide end to end technology solutions for our customers to make their life easier and simpler every day.

11. People
We empower our people by providing them with opportunities to grow, challenges to conquer, develop professionally, acknowledge and reward them for their accomplishments and exhibit trust in their abilities and judgment.

12. Transparency
Trust is too important to play around with - which is why we believe in running a crystal clear and transparent business. Our leaders are accessible, our employees are communicative, our behavior is ethical and fair and our business practices are open, comprehensible and lucid across all channels.